Safe Power Distribution

POWER CAGE CLAMP High-Current Terminal Blocks earned approvals for severe duty in energy-intensive applications, such as machinery and equipment manufacturing, as well as energy production.

Relay Module with Fail-Safe Outputs

Switches high capacitive and inductive loads: the new I/O module for functional safety, with its four fail-safe relay outputs, also offers four fail-safe digital inputs for a wide range of applications.

TOPJOB® S Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks

Modern machine control systems can now be easily and conveniently wired via WAGO's new Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®.

Efficiency2 – The New EPSITRON® ECO Power Supplies for All Basic Applications

WAGO is expanding its range of EPSITRON® ECO Power Supplies by adding a special model that has an even greater price/performance ratio. Thanks to EN 60335 conformity, the new 787-17x2 Power Supplies are open to a variety of non-industrial applications within the scope of the “household appliance standard.”

New 8-Channel Analog Input Modules

Slash control cabinet space requirements and boost value with an excellent price/performance ratio: Three new 8-channel analog input modules for 2-conductor sensors each impress by packing high channel density into a 12 mm width.

Rogowski Coils

New space-saving 855 Series Rogowski coils are impressive with class 1 measurement accuracy acc. EN 61869 in addition to their dimensions.

Power Tap for 185 mm2 High-Current Terminal Blocks

Safe and convenient: The new accessories within WAGO's range of POWER CAGE CLAMP High-Current Terminal Blocks provides additional power taps from 185 mm2 (350 kcmil) rail-mounted terminal blocks.

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